Even the walls have ears

Time: 2004

Video, bells with thread, plaster, etching prints and acrylic on canvas.

Few views from my last solo show. I have been collecting video clips of war news from the television for last few years. It is very unfortunate that, we all understand why some powerful countries declare war against another country. We know it’s all about politics of looting wealth. But the authority of the powerful countries always tries to establish themselves as the saviours of the world and make opposition as terrorist. They even act like we do not know their intention, we do not have ears or eyes or head. So, I want to warn them –hey, we understand everything, we see everything, do not try to make us fool.

To enter the gallery, the public made their way through 20 rows of hanging bells whose sound each time make a different rhythm that is created by the viewers. After this music like sound the viewer is surrounded by the etching prints of ears, speakers and face a partition wall, covered with my own plaster casted 700 white ears and opened up a large screen showing the clips of TV world news about war. In the back room I made a large painting of the authorities of the war in the world watching the TV news.